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Muscle Mechanic specialises in one on one female personal training, nutrition coaching, on-line programs, pre and post natal and group sessions for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

At Muscle Mechanic we enjoy training women to help them look and feel good about themselves. Our training is tailored to meet individual needs and goals while also making the fitness journey fun and enjoyable. Muscle Mechanic is committed to ensuring our clients are well equipped with all the knowledge that they need to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Sessions are conducted at our Caringbah studio and in the surrounding areas of Cronulla and Caringbah. Our clients receive a free 30-45min initial consultation where we discuss goals, health and nutrition.

Spray tanning is also available to help you achieve that island princess glow, perfect for any occasion.


muscle mechanic

Katrin was born in the Czech Republic in April 1981. Katrin’s family moved to Australia in 1984. It wasn’t long until Sydney was a place her family called home. Growing up in the Eastern Suburbs she went to a local all girls Catholic high school.

Katrin was a very keen sportswoman representing her school in sports such as netball, basketball, cross country and swimming. She was a volunteer surf life saver for Bondi Surf Club also competing at a national level for the Surf Club in Rescue & Resuscitation (R&R). During this time she also represented the City of Sydney Netball Association in representative netball.

Shortly before completing her HSC in 1998, Katrin joined her local gym. She soon discovered that she had a passion for lifting weights.

In 2010 Katrin set herself a goal of competing for the first time in figure shaping. A dream that was made a reality. She started preparing for her show 9 months after giving birth to her first child.

Katrin puts 100% into her preparation both on and off the stage. Katrin has applied the principles that she has learnt from training and competing into her lifestyle.

Katrin is known for her strict discipline and encouragement, attributes she incorporates in her own training and when training her clients. She is well known for putting herself through tough weight and cardio sessions. She has a particular passion for weight training, high intensity interval training, soft sand running, stair running and power yoga.

Katrin is a freelance personal trainer who runs her own personal training business, a mother of 2 young children and works part time in the corporate world as an executive assistant.

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Spray Tan


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On-line training package

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Perfect for those wanting an on-line personal trainer

  • Package includes training programs, monitored progress and constant support to achieve goals
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The Winning Physique

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Interested in becoming a figure competitor, sports or bikini model? Then this book is for you!

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1 on 1 training


Perfect for those wanting an extra push

  • 60 minutes each session
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1 on 2 training


Perfect for those wanting to workout with a friend

  • 60 minutes each session
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Outdoor Group Sessions


Perfect for those getting started

  • 60 minutes each session
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to date


1st figure international class 1 & 2nd figure open class 1

INBA West Coast Supershow


3rd Figure International

INBA Muscle and Model Supershow


1st Miss Athletic Figure class 2



3rd Figure Open Class 1 & 5th Figure International Class 1

INBA National Titles


1st Figure Open Class 1 & 2nd Figure International Class 1

INBA City Nationals


4th Figure

INBA/PNBA 2015 Australian Elite Pro Qualifier League


4th Figure International

INBA Southern Cross Championships


3rd Novice Figure

ANB South Coast Championships


3rd Novice Figure & 3rd Short Figure

ANB Sydney Championships


4th Short Figure

ANB Asia Pacific Championships


1st Short Figure & 1st Novice Figure

ANB Central Coast, Overall Women’s Figure Champion


1st Short Figure

INBA NSW Titles, Overall Women’s Figure Champion


2nd Short Figure

ANB National Titles


1st NSW Short Figure

IFBB NSW & Australian Titles


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In my view Katrin is an extremely dedicated and excellent Personal Trainer.  Her dedication and excellence does not stop at training.  Katrin cares.  She is extremely supportive and motivational, with that extra personal touch. Katrin has a very bubbly personality, she is full of energy and makes training sessions fun, although making you work hard too.

My experience may or may not resonate with those of you that are looking to enlist Katrin as their Personal Trainer.  I started working out with Katrin in January 2011.  During that time until April 2012, I saw some major changes in my body, not only in my increased fitness level, but also strength and muscle definition.

Unfortunately I had to stop training in April 2012 due to being diagnosed with an auto immune disease. During this period Katrin kept in contact with me throughout to enquire as to how I was feeling, how my disease was affecting me, what my issues were and offered guidance and assistance in any way she could to help me.  This support was invaluable during this very difficult time for me.

I have recently resumed training with Katrin. Despite my poor fitness level and major weight gain, due to medication.  She has put in place a training programme that pushes me just enough, but within my capabilities.  Katrin has given me the motivation and inspiration I needed to get back exercising again, as my health starts to improve.

In my opinion, if you are looking for an inspirational and motivational Personal Trainer who cares and makes training fun, you need not look any further. I cannot express in words how highly I value Katrin and the support she has given/gives to me.

I have no hesitation in recommending Katrin to anyone who is looking for a Personal Trainer that, I believe, just has that edge over others.

Angie – Business Development Manager

I had not trained for 20 years (except the odd power walk and weights at the gym) and was a little nervous about commencing personal training. However, Trin works with my physical fitness level and motivates me to push myself further. She also makes the training session fun and provides variation in the exercises. I would definitely recommend her for personal training.


From my first email to Trin, enquiring about her body sculpting coaching program I was encouraged, guided and supported. Following only the first of many eating and exercise plans I lost weight and toned up with my ab’s beginning to show some definition. I feel I have learnt so much from Trin especially how to eat and exercise correctly but also about commitment and perseverance, things that I will take away and use in other areas of my life.

Thank you again Trin, for your guidance and support.

Afrooz – Paralegal

I find the motivation to exercise to be one of the most difficult aspects of working out. Despite appreciating the benefits of becoming fit, it’s often very easy to fall in the procrastination trap. Since training with Katrin, I’ve found that motivation has become less of a barrier to exercise.

As someone that works full-time with an often unpredictable schedule, I appreciate Katrin’s flexibility in scheduling training sessions. Katrin’s training sessions are challenging yet fun, and her positive attitude keeps me motivated and focused. Katrin incorporates a variety of exercises in her training sessions, which helps strengthen various parts of the body and ensures each training session is interesting and different. Her professionalism and commitment to clients ensures you are engaged during each training session and her constant support encourages you to push yourself beyond your limit.
I walk away from training sessions looking forward to being further challenged in the next session.
I find that training with Katrin has made me more appreciative and conscious of my health, as well as feeling empowered knowing that I am being proactive when it comes to my health and wellbeing. I highly recommend Katrin to anyone wishing to become fit and healthy.

Tanja – Client Services Officer

I have just started training with Trin and I have to say it is the greatest workout I have ever had. She keeps the sessions fun and enjoyable and changes up the routine each time. Trin motivates me to keep going and pushes me to my limits. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Martine – Now a half marathon runner!

Thank you for all your efforts in helping me to climb my mountain. With your support, enthusiasm, motivation, inspiration and faith in me I was able to concentrate on my goal and achieve something which a couple of months earlier would have seemed an impossibility.

I loved the way you tailored our sessions with my end goal in the forefront of your mind but yet making them different and challenging with lots of variety. You found muscles I never knew existed as well as plenty that had been neglected for too long, strengthening muscles and core so that I really felt stronger.
I have no doubt that without your training, I would have struggled to complete the half marathon, so thank you. I would have no hesitation recommending your beautiful self to anyone.

Ashlee – Business Owner

When I first met with Katrin I had been spending 2 hours at the gym, 7 days a week, and not seeing results. Katrin has put me on a meal and exercise program that has been easily implemented into my busy life as a business owner. I now spend an hour at the gym each day and eat plenty of nutritious food, and have noticed results in a short 8 weeks! I am now on track to achieving my goal of competing at INBA in April 2015. Thank you Katrin.

Brooke – Bikini Competitor

I began working with Katrin in February of 2014 when I decided to compete in my first ever Bikini Competition, from out first training session I felt like she really “got” me and understood what I wanted to achieve. I had complete faith she would be the trainer who would help me achieve my goals.
Through the whole process Katrin has always been there full of support and encouragement, you just know she really genuinely cares about her clients.
Always fun and full of good advice and positive energy I look forward to every single training session. Katrin always pushes me to work my hardest and this just motivates me to keep training and pushing myself and working towards achieving my goals.
I have learnt so much about my body and health and fitness in general since we started training together. I have never felt fitter, stronger and better about my body than I do now.
I would absolutely recommend Katrin to anyone looking for a PT. She is the best!

Jacqui – Executive Assistant

From the moment I started training with Katrin I have found her very motivating & encouraging. Her knowledge on training and nutrition I feel I am training with one of the best!!
She will always push me to limits that I didn’t think were possible to achieve. I am loving seeing the results from training with her. I look forward to every session which is fun as well.

Simone – Executive Assistant

In the past I’ve had a couple of Personal Trainers and I would only last a few months as the yelling by them would put me off or I would never see results. I started training with Katrin at the end of last year jointly with a friend. At first I was very hesitate and had no confidence when it came to weights as my mind told me they just bulk you. I would give up at times and Katrin would be persistent and get me through to completion of each set. I love the variety she provides in each session and that each time I walk away feeling on top of the world and that I’ve worked hard. Her meal and exercise plans are easy to follow too. I cannot thank her enough as I am doing more now than I ever have!

Bronwyn – Marketing campaigns officer

Where to begin!! I’ve always loved working out but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I found Muscle Mechanic and wow! What a find! Katrin has taught me so much in such a short amount of time! As both my coach and personal trainer she has helped me improve my efficiency in the gym – training not only harder but smarter! Plus she provided me with a great new nutrition plan specific for my needs! Through a combination of both diet and training I am already seeing my body fat reduce and muscle definition. Not only is Katrin a great trainer, she’s a beautiful person! Understanding of the challenges life throws at you but knows when you need that push!! I highly recommend Katrin for any of your fitness needs!

Tori – Legal Personal Assistant

Over the last couple of years I have suddenly picked up a love for working out. My first gym was solely based around dramatic weight loss with little attention to muscle mass which was okay but I never was really happy with my body. This gym was also based around class workouts with more than 20 people in each class. During this period I trained but without learning the proper form of most exercises. While I was at this gym I was never really happy with my body and I was unhappy going to the gym as I felt uncomfortable with the way that the trainers liked to speak to their clients.
Since then I have joined Fitness first and worked out there for around 6 month by myself before I contacted Katrin to ask her for guidance in helping me prepare myself for my first bikini competition at the end of the year!
As soon as I contacted Katrin I knew that I had made the right choice. I now follow Katrin’s nutrition and training program which I am finding really easy and enjoyable to follow. Along with her training program I also have a 1:1 session booked with Katrin every week where I allow Katrin to push me in my session in an enjoyable way. She is a great trainer who guides you with kindness and assists you in your technique in each movement. I walk out of each session with Katrin with a smile on my face and a reassuring feeling that I am working towards my goals and I look forward to every session. Katrin has been nothing but kind to me since I have contacted her and in this short amount of time I have already felt and seen some amazing results in myself which I have never seen before. I already cannot thank Katrin enough for her kindness and support. I am looking forward to following her programs and seeing where I am in 11 weeks’ time.

Jasmine – Flight Attendant

I started my program with Katrin 5 weeks ago and right from the first email Katrin was nothing short of amazing…
I am a flight attendant with a schedule that over the last 2 years has left me with very little routine and constant temptation traveling to different countries naturally wanting
To enjoy the food as well as a lot less time to train than I have previously been used too…. Leaving me in possibly the worst shape of my life.
In this time Katrin has worked with me and given me a program that is flexible enough that it still allows me
Each week to enjoy a beautiful meal and a glass or two of wine in one of these destinations,
But it has also given me some structure with plenty of balanced, healthy and delicious food every few hours and an exercise program that I absolutely love!!!
A different workout each day that leaves me feeling like I have actually accomplished something without spending hours doing tedious cardio… YAY!!!
Finally I am on the road to achieving my goal and I have Katrin’s support, guidance and knowledge to thank.
I can’t wait to kick some
More goals with you over the coming mths.

Vikki – Registered Nurse

From the moment I made contact with Katrin I felt confident that she was the coach for me and when I actually met Katrin and we discussed my ideas and goals I felt comfortable and again confident in her ability, her knowledge and the support she offers that will drive me towards my goal of competing in my first bikini comp at age 50. Katrin has been an invaluable resource with regard to appropriate diet, supplements and exercise programs and she has also been fantastic when I have doubted my abilities or felt like giving up and has redirected my focus to make me believe in myself and my abilities and it is because of this and many more positive attributes that Katrin has that I would highly recommend Katrin to anyone for any aspects of health and fitness training.

Ashleigh – Executive Assistant/Writer

I first started working with Katrin in December 2014. I was completely lost with how to achieve the results that I wanted to with my body, fitness and overall wellbeing. I was so focused on cardio, but feeling sluggish, weak and not happy with the way I looked. Katrin not only made me feel so welcome, but her warmth and genuine care for her clients was obvious from the very first session. In the first two months my body transformed from lacking strength and fitness to for the first time in my life, being able to do things like pushups, pull ups, and not to mention the physical strength I managed to push myself to achieve. Katrin is intuitive to where my strengths and weaknesses were and has an unbelievable way in pushing me without even realising it. She has an incredible gift in being able to get the best out of someone and her belief and constant support has kept me going back every week for over two years. I can safely say I am the strongest, fittest, and happiest with my body I have ever been. She has changed my perception in what a body really should be. I used to be so focused on being “skinny” and she took that mentality, and replaced it with my new found love of being strong and fit as opposed to wanting to look skinny. I no longer am bound by a number on scale, rather by what the number on the weights say. She simply has changed my life in so many ways. She is the best there is!

Jenny – Mother of two

I’ve always played a sport and been active. As I’ve got older my lifestyle has changed with starting a family. Exercise and being healthy wasn’t as high on the priority list as what it should be.
Trin has helped me get back into regular exercise and educate me by understanding how to loose fat and build muscle through healthy eating and regular exercise.
Trin makes exercise a fun challenge that doesn’t become boring and mundane like other fitness classes or PT’s.

Rebecca – high school teacher/mother of 3

Fate would have it that in September 2016 I found Katrin who has been my voice of reason and provided complete guidance and motivation for the last 6 months. I have always been fit and active, but with new goals to achieve, I needed someone with experience and dedication to get me there. Her knowledge and approach to training was exactly what I was looking for – she was a patient listener to all my concerns and knew exactly how to provide a realistic program to meet my goals. Trin, thank you for being in my corner the entire time. We did it!

Nicola – childcare worker

I was recommended to Trin for Posing for my first ever comp, during the classes she made me feel very confident and comfortable. I then decided she would be an awesome Coach. Trin’s diet plans and fitness programming was great and got me stage ready. I would HIGHLY recommend Trin for all your fitness goals as she is just truely amazing.

Rebekah – Personal Trainer

Katrin has prepped me for 2 seasons of competitions. She is a kind, reasonable and understanding coach who has helped me reach my goals. I highly recommend!

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